There are 2 exclusive pickaxes made available

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Like Woodcutting and firemaking or Cooking and Fishing Mining is a craft closely related to another that is called Smithing. Mining as the name suggest lets players dig up certain ores and stones by using a pickaxe. Like every other skill for gathering, it can be profitable when you are learning, but the most effective methods of leveling don't supply any gold. The following OSRS Mining guide you will learn methods for achieving level 99.

In mining, you must to carry a pickaxe throughout the day. It is important to note that it does not need to be present and it can be just put in your inventory during training. Be aware that this will create one inventory space which can be used to purchase additional ore. If your attack is high enough , make sure you have the top pickaxe you have.

There are currently eight levels of standard pickaxes that start at the level of 1 and going up to levels 6, 11 , 21, 31, 41 and level 61 for the top one. They both Bronze iron and Bronze Pickaxes can be used right from the beginning. In the 6th level, they may be swapped out for the Steel version and at Level 11 to get a Black Pickaxe. Level 21 allows players to utilize the Mithril Pickaxe and 31 Adamant Pickaxe. The most popular free-to-play pickaxe is the Rune Tier and requires the level 41. Additionally, players who have already a membership are able to use Dragon pickaxe from level 61. This is the most efficient mining pickaxe in the game.

There are 2 exclusive pickaxes made available only to members. Infernal Pickaxe which requires level 61 Mining will smelt ? from your mined ore, giving an additional amount of experience for the Smithing skill , in addition to Mining xp. It has the same special attacks as Dragon Pickaxe which provides you with an additional boost of 3 to your Mining level for a short period. There is also Third Age pickaxe which is identical to Its Dragon counterpart. The only difference is the appearance of the tools and the place where you can buy it.

Pickaxes are able to mine different minerals such as RuneScape 2007 Gold Iron Ore that comes from Iron Rocks, Rune Essence, Mithil Ore Veins, Copper Tin Ore, Adamantite Ore, Gold Ore, Copper Ore, Tin Rocks, Coal, Clay and many more.