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If you wish to remain AFK even longer it is possible to OSRS gold take on bosses in normal mode with Guthan scheduled for 20 minutes however it's not recommended as it doesn't provide any satisfaction.

The most important aspect to consider when training in the nightmare zone is collecting points for both Absorption and overload potions. It is recommended that you buy a complete inventory every whenever you enter a dream. There is additional way of investing points if you're close to reaching the cap. This should only be done in cases where you are certain that you will have enough points to purchase your next potions batch.

In the beginning, through NMZ you can buy imbuables. Players can imbue any the fremennik and the wilderness ring with the ability to increase their stats by two times. Black masks and Slayer helmets can be enhanced also, adding 50 percent damage and accuracy enhancements for magic and ranged also. Lastly it is possible to infuse crystal items with the ability to maintain their highest attack power.

There is also special herb box available to purchase with points. The boxes contain various herbs and costs 9500 points. The boxes can be bought each day and each one is packed with herbs that are worth approximately 10k gold. That's 150k gold a day.

Hunter is a level in RuneScape which can be leveled by member-only players through catching different creatures around Gielinor. These creatures grant experience and occasionally, items (chinchompas for example). For lower levels of hunter players can only set one trap. As you level your skill to 20 , you'll be able to buy runescape 3 gold set 2 traps at 40-3/3 on 60 - 4, and 5, on level 80.