Her passing skills are perhaps her best contribution

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The Vikings will, in the end, reach as far as Madden can take Madden nfl 22 coins them. Madden entered the season scoring 1,000 points and averaging about a 16-point double-double over the past two seasons and could soon break 1,000 career rebound.

Madden has been the most important player in Blue River's return to postseason success and the team's game on Tuesday night's victory of 77-63 against Wapahani (4-2) showcased her significance. She notched 27 points, 12 of them in the fourth quarter , which halted the Raiders attempt to rally, and dominated the paint all game at both ends.

Madden has been asked to play more in the coming season. Her role as primarily an interior player has now been extended as she's permitted to occasionally play on the perimeter and do more shooting and playmaking.

Blue River's guards don't have as much experience than they were in past seasons In games where teams play in a press defense as Wapahani did Madden, who is 6 feet 1 inches tall Madden assists in getting the ball up when the point guard is stuck.

Halfcourt also runs through Madden. Bales The goal of Bales is to ensure that the ball is delivered to her lower down so that she can score or kick out to shooters if the defense breaks down. Madden is executing a lot of quick passes to get the ball which has produced an all-time high of 2.5 assists per game up to this point.

"I love (the increased responsability)," Madden said. "I am aware that I may not be successful in getting the team going and that's why I like whenever we can get the ball going quickly and I'm in the arena, it will help us get more motivation."

Madden's offensive accomplice is Chamberlin who's perimeter skill set is in perfect harmony with Madden's inside presence. Although Chamberlin was struggling to shoot the ball to start this year, she averaged 15.9 points per game last year, taking 45% of total shots and 72 triples at 41.

Her passing skills are perhaps her best contribution, however, as what Blue River boasts in shooting it's not able to do in the area of guard playmaking. Chamberlin's 3.2 assists per game average last year is now 4.3 per game so far this season, and the defensive attention she garners helps Madden and the players on the team excel.

"We've definitely become a lot closer that when she first showed up. She was shy at first but now I and her joke around. We've become friends on the court," Madden said. "My sophomore year we didn't have any (knockdown) shooter buy Mut 22 coins The way they stopped us was protect me in the post. That's why we fell in semi-state. Having Maci around can help tremendously."